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About Us

Who are you?

We have initiated to the cosmetics sector in 2001 as founding DİNA EXPORT that exports packages for cosmetics. Then having collaborated with the cosmetic firms which we had met in this way, and believing in their successes and experinces at cosmetic production, we have created and decided to start to the perfume production with our foreigner partners. In 2012 we have founded PARİS FLOWERS PARFUME with our foreigner partners who had been experienced in perfume and cosmetics. We have begun to the production after 2 year research and development process in 2014. We are working with companies in France that supply raw materials for worldwide perfume brands. And also working with companies that supply packages for many well-known cosmetic brands. We demand Turkey to have a well-known and high quality perfume brand. Because of this, we have started to manufacture assertively using the most quality materials. We trust our quality and lastingness of our perfumes and believe that we will be a well-known brand in Turkey.
Yours respectfully.

Our mission

Presenting our products that we trust their quality, exclusiveness and lastingness to people’s taste in line of the consumers’ needs with innovative spirit.

Our vision

Bringing PARİS FLOWERS brand as a competitor with world-wide brands at the earliest. Proving that quality perfumes can be produced in Turkey and also proving our reliability and being a prefarable brand in the sector. Putting forward the innovative and high quality and capturing the perfection.

paris flowers


paris flowers


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